Silver Brazing Flux

To ensure the best connections, The Harris Products Group produces a wide variety of flux products designed for specific applications throughout a number of different industries. The most common are Stay Silv® White and Stay Silv® Black flux.


Stay Silv White brazing flux is a general purpose silver brazing flux in paste form. It has an activation range of 1100°F to 1600°F. The white flux is primarily used in manual brazing applications. This flux conforms to American Welding Society, (AWS), A5.31 class FB3-A.

White brazing flux is also available in a powder form and as flux coated braze rods. With powder flux the heated rod is dipped into the flux. The flux adheres to the heated surface for transfer to the work piece. Flux coating the rod provides a convenient method of applying flux. Both the powder and the flux coated rod form also minimize the amount of flux applied to the assembly.

Stay Silv Black paste flux has the same performance characteristics as the Stay Silv White flux. However Stay Silv Black flux has a higher activation range 1100°F to 1800°F. This higher activation range allows the flux to be used during longer and higher temperature heat cycles, such as with induction brazing. It’s also suitable when brazing stainless steel and nickel alloys. Black flux conforms to AWS A5.31 Class FB3-C.

Harris Dynaflow® flux is a thoroughly homogenized flux designed for automated flux dispensing systems. The smoother consistency reduces the chance of clogging small dispensing orifices.