Choosing the right brazing alloy

Choosing the right brazing alloy and the right amount for your application depends on several factors including base materials being brazed, clearance of parts, service conditions, brazing temperature and alloy cost.

Phos Coppers - Alloys from 0% - 18% silver content. AWS BCuP classification. Used for copper to copper joints and for copper to brass joints.

High Silvers - Alloys from 18% - 99.9% silver content. AWS BAg classification. Used for copper to steel, steel to steel, and brass to steel.

Aluminum - Pure 4047, 78/22, 98/2. Use for aluminum to aluminum joints and for aluminum to copper joints.



Use proper technique for              leak-proof brazed connections

CLEANING - This is an easy step to overlook, especially on new installations. Contaminants such as dirt, oil, or heavy surface oxide will inhibit wetting. Always wipe parts and then use a stainless steel wire brush to remove the oxide layer.

FLAME ADJUSTMENT - Flame settings depend on the type of heat source. For oxy-acetylene a neutral flame is recommended. Avoid using a flame with excessive oxygen. The flame chemistry increases surface oxides and inhibits metal wetting.

HEATING - Incorrect heating is the primary reason for poorly made joints. Adequate joint strength and ductility depend on pulling the molten braze filler metal into the connection.

FLUX - When brazing copper or brass a flux is required to reduce surface oxides, protect the base metal during heating, and reduce filler metal surface tension. Flux should be sparingly used and applied with a brush.

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Product Spotlight

Recognized and trusted all over the world! Harris 0

This is Harris’ most popular copper-to-copper brazing alloy which is used for OEM production as well as aftermarket HVAC installation and repair. Harris 0 has extremely consistent flow characteristics because it is manufactured from the purest raw materials. The bright and shiny appearance of our finished material show our advanced manufacturing process capabilities and dedication to quality.


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